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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Date With Dance!

Ok...so I have an addiction....
Every Wednesday and Thursday night I have a date with dance...called So You Think You Can Dance!
Of course, I don't think I can dance, but I wish I could.  I absolutely love this show. The choreographers, the dancers, the artistry, the costumes, the music, the hodgepodge of styles!

So in honor of my addiction I thought I would share a few of my favorite performances over the years...

Chelsie and Mark had so much emotion in this one. The routine is about him being a workaholic and not spending any time at home.

I love this song, and Kayla is an amazing dancer. This routine has a darker side.

Chelsie is one of my all time favorite SYTYCD Contestants! This routine is about an innocent quarky couple in love choreographed by Mia Michaels.  A Tim Burtonesque wedding.

This was an emotional Lyrical Hip-Hop routine about him going off to war.

Jeanine ended up winning that season, and I think it was this performance that made her a favorite of mine!

This performance by Alex, a ballet dancer, was truly amazing! After this I felt he should have won the season! Sadly, he had to leave the show due to an injury.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Travel with Marco Trunz into the Jungle...

Marco Trunz's photographs make me want to trek into the jungles of Brazil, or safari in Africa.  Fashion Editor, Crystal Birch, shows us how to do it in style!!

Safari Shift Dress - vintageclothesline.com

Denim Dungaree - Pickaboo Vintage
Zebra Chiffon Caftan - TYKI by Cally Palmer
Tan Vintage Swimwear - Pandora's Box
Jumpsuit - Beyond Retro

Kira Mazura by Marco Trunz for Fashion Gone Rogue

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dilemma with Decor...

So I hope to be moving out of my rental and into my very first home sometime in September.  So in the meantime I am trying to organize my design ideas for each room.

All year I thought it would be nice and cozy to have a nice Tuscan living room with spicy orange and red accents. However, lately I am finding myself drawn to these beautiful white spaces that have a mixture of contemporary and rustic elements in them.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

3 Year Memorial of The Best Dog Ever...

   Three years ago to this day I lost my dog...hit by a truck in front of our very eyes.  She obeyed us till her last breath by dragging herself to my husband's feet.  She was everything to us as we had no children, and had gotten her as a puppy when we were dating.

Kea had some of the oddest behavior patterns for a dog! She was laying she would drag a pillow from the couch to wherever she was laying.  She rarely laid down without a pillow under her head...so much so that when we buried her Justin laid one of his pillows under her head. I cried watching him carry the pillow to her grave.

She was also a very jealous dog...anytime Justin would hug or kiss me she would start whining hysterically and jump on us! Crazy dog!  No other dog will ever replace her...

This is a photo of her when we first got her February 4, 2004. She was 2 months old. She was named Kea after the store Ikea.

She absolutely LOVED the beach!! She would go crazy running up and down the beach in and out of the water!

When we got our Chihuahua, Zorro, Kea took on a motherly instinct and was extremely protective of him!

 Anywhere Justin went, Kea followed! She worshiped him! 

The last picture we ever took of Kea...