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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Trends: Bracelets Galore

So what do you think of the stacked bracelet trend? Do you love it or hate it? Do you feel like less is more, or more is a must?  I'll admit I wasn't in love with that much on one wrist in the beginning, but it is growing on me. I used to wear tons of bracelets and rings when I was younger and got tired of them so I quit wearing them altogether...now I'm kind of wanting to pile them back on!
Do you have any photos showing off your fabulous wrist candy? Would love to see!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

BCBGeneration - Fall 2011

I am in love with the look BCBGeneration is bringing for Fall 2011.  It is so charming!

 I love their hats!

It is so nice to see color that pops, and not just morbid colors!
I'm also noticing how gorgeous their red lipstick is! I wonder if I could pull that off?

I love the 3/4 length loose sleeves over long sleeves...especially in capes.

The feminine skirts & dresses with the boots are adorable!

Missing Summer Already....

This last month has made me realize how fast summer has flown, and how I'm not ready for it to be over. Now granted...here in the South we still have a month or two of summer heat, but looking at the fashion trends I can already see the focus shifting.  I'm not ready for Fall yet!
This campaign with Isabeli Fontana & Caroline Trentini for Morena Rosa Spring 2012 is breathtaking. It makes me want to skip this Fall/Winter and jump into Spring of 2012!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pineapple pickings for my white kitchen...

I am very excited about my latest online purchase, and wanted to share!  I just bought these adorable Pineapple Delight Canisters and salt & pepper shakers. Aren't they cute?
I am going to do my kitchen in all white cabinets and walls with pops of green. I didn't always like white cabinets, but since moving to the South I have fallen in love with all white kitchens! Here are some photos of fabulous white kitchens!

I love this little windowsill herb garden!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Glorious Green...

If any of you live in Texas, you will understand how amazing this is! It has maybe rained 3x since March, and never long enough to do any good. Add to this mix the scorching Southern sun and you've got trouble! We have been in a serious drought for weeks. Everything is dead and brown.
Well today it not only rained...it poured!! 
This makes me have hope that I might be able to see green grass & trees before Fall! 
So today I felt like posting some beautiful photographs of all things green...to remind myself how beautiful the color green is since everything is dead around me!

Shoe Madness...Revised!

I realized I didn't specify where I found some of these styles. I also found some more affordable options! These are all reasonable in price & heel height! (I believe shoes should be practical as well as fabulous!)

So with that said...here are some new options!
JS by Jessica Baxterr Bootie - DSW - $79.95

Zigi Soho Brinx Boot - DSW - $59.95
Levity Janey Bootie - DSW - $119.95
Seychelles Biography Ankle Boot - Endless.com - $99
Wild Diva Motiz Bootie - Endless.com - $51.00
 I am so torn because I love all of them! But I am kind of leaning towards the fur trimmed one because I oh so love fur!! (faux of course!)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Shoe Madness...

Ok...I am madly in love with the lace up ankle boots.  Last winter I was very unsure about them...but they have been slowly sneaking into my heart...and now I'm in love! Now I really want them in my closet and on my feet!

Tell me which ones do you love most!  I'm having a hard time deciding and need your help!

Or do you prefer the wedge heel better like in the photo below?

If you know of any other fabulous boots like these let me know where you found them at!