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Friday, February 24, 2012

Redhead or Raven?

Ok, I am in desperate need of your help!  I am going to go see my husband in less than 4 weeks and I need to make a decision!

Let's start from the beginning.  I've wanted to be a redhead for as long as I can remember!  So last summer I decided to go red.  It was a lot harder to keep up with than I realized! 

One, red dye doesn't last as long and your roots show so fast!  So I am always having to dye my hair.

Two, there are a lot of shades of red out there!  I am always trying a new red because I can't remember what I liked and I don't live near my favorite hair stylist!  I really need to find a new one closer! 

So now I am left with a dilemma...do I stay red for the summer or go back dark before I see Justin for his weekend pass?  He said he doesn't care, but I don't know what looks better on me.

Then if I decide to stay red I've got the dilemma of which red! There are obviously more natural reds...

...and then not so natural reds....

Here are some photos of me with different shades of red to help you decide!

 Oh and here are a few of me with dark hair!

So what is your verdict!


  1. I think you look fab either way - but I must say, I think the red is my favorite!! Sally x

    1. Thanks Sally! I must say I am leaning towards staying red! I feel so much more carefree and relaxed in red!

  2. Gorgeous either way! I've always been a sucker for red heads, so my initial reaction would be, GO RED! That said, after looking at your pictures again, I must admit that you look better with the raven hair color.
    Oh and thanks for your sacrifices as a wife of a soldier; and thanks to you husband for keeping all of us safer and free.

    1. Thanks "Anonymous" for the feedback! Much appreciated! It is also nice to hear peoples words of appreciation and encouragement for what my husband is doing and sacrificing.

      Thank you, Elle

  3. Darling the red suits you I love redheads that being said I think your gorgeous with either much love to you & your soldier

  4. Red!!!! I love it, the lighter one. The dark color makes you look more seroius. Both colors look good on you but i would say go for the red !

  5. I think you look gorgeous either way lively and more to the red I love redheads you have a beautiful complexion and a beautiful face. I think you would look great in red. the first picture after you said I'll let you decide I like that one the best.