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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pinteresting Word of the Week

So I have decided to do a new weekly post called 
Pinteresting Word of the Week.
Here is how it works: Each week I will do a word search on Pinterest and post my top 10 favorite Pinterest photos that come up with that word.  I find it interesting to see what comes up when you do a search, and how people label their photos!

Today's word? 

 1.  I chose this photo because it is me most the summer! Sitting on my patio in my bathing suit, hair in a bun, sun bathing while reading or playing on my iphone, sipping on a nice cool drink!

 2.  I love making fresh lemonade or sun tea during the summer!

 3. This one just cracked me up! Imagine taking a nice stroll along the beach when "bam", a coconut hits you on the head!

4.  This makes me miss the good ole days when we used to print our photos! When was the last time you developed your photos? I know it has been a LONG time for me!

5.  Memories with Friends! Need a say more? 

6.  This actually sounds really good and easy! I think I will have to try making it!

7. I LOVE the way the sun reflects off water and dances across the waves! I could watch it all day! 

8. This is where I want to be with my hubby right now! On a beach somewhere with no worries!

9.  Road trip anyone? Where should we go?

10.  Ok...I know she's a model and its unrealistic, but I want my body to look like hers this summer!

Texas Heat

Living in the summer Texas heat you find you do whatever you can to stay cool!  Hair is always up off your neck and even accessories such as belts start to be avoided as an unnecessary added layer in this heat!
 That being said here are a few styles and ideas that work well in this kind of heat.

1. Airy Cotton Dresses
(Not jersey, and ones with a thin slip layer are best to hide the sweat! Yes I said it...sweat! It is unavoidable in this heat! It is almost unbearable to wear any kind of jeans! Light airy dresses are the best!)

2. Cut Outs/Open Backs
 (Keeping it classy and not hoochy is key...but anything to help feel the breeze is a plus!)


3. Printed Fabrics
(You might be asking why printed? Well not all fabric hides the fact that you are sweating bullets, and I find printed fabrics are a huge help!)

4. Swimsuits 
(I have to admit when at home I am usually working in my yard, or lounging about in a sundress or swimsuit!)

 5. Hats/Updos
(Keep the sun off your face unless you want to look like death in your later years! And keep your hair off your neck or you will die from heat!)

 These tips might seem silly to some, but if you live in Texas you understand! We are just far enough from the coast to not get much of a breeze, and far enough south to be get heat stroke!

~ Elle

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend Bliss

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend hanging out with friends and soaking up sun!

This weekend my longtime friend, Kristen, came to visit! It has been a while since we have gotten to really hang out like old times! 

On Saturday we took her out to karaoke!

Sunday, after church, we took Kristen downtown to Majorca Bistro & Tapas Bar in Midtown for their Sunday Brunch! They had a live salsa band and great food! 

After eating we took a stroll through Sam Houston Park...which turned into more of a photo shoot! 
Evidence of our photo shoot below!

There was this lovely fountain that we had to take advantage of...

And beautiful huge trees to climb...

This park had such an interesting mix of historical buildings with modern backdrops!

The girls were trying to sneak a peek inside this old  church...

Of course I had to take advantage of this charming location for pictures!

I want a house with a porch like this someday!  Love the old southern charm of this porch.

Reenacting  the "Spirit of the Confederacy" statuesque pose!

 After our long stroll through the park we were in desperate need of water, ice cream, and makeup reapplication!  So off to Swirl we went for all three! :) 

After recovering from our heat exhaustion, we headed BACK OUT into the heat to Miller Outdoor Theater for a free concert on their lawn!  Smart, right?

 We had some issues with the wine cork getting stuck down in the bottle, and my dear sister pushed it through while I was peering over the bottle....needless to say wine came splashing up in my eye and face!  Wasn't that so nice of them to get it on camera?

 So all in all I had a wonderfully, busy, crazy weekend full of fun times and good memories with friends!!!  How was your weekend?

~ Elle