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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Survived

 I've made it!

As most of you are quite aware I have been rather negligent in my blogging lately!  I have been a tad preoccupied getting my house ready for my husband's homecoming after almost 5 months!!  I can not begin to tell you how I have longed for this moment all year!  I will be heading out tomorrow to attend his Airborne Graduation, and then he will be COMING BACK HOME WITH ME!!!

 Soon I will be able to give him back his ring which I have been wearing on a necklace the entire time he has been gone.

I was horribly upset when I realized I left the charm back at the hotel in GA the last time I visited him. I had taken it off so he could wear his wedding ring over the weekend. :( 

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have left encouraging words and advice for me throughout these last months as I had to deal with being cut off from my husband for so long.  You helped me feel not quite so alone! 

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  1. I hope your enjoying your time back together!! Absence definately makes the heart grow fonder. ;-)

    Sally x