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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

End of Summer...

Every year a group of us spend Labor Day weekend at a beach house to end the summer with a bang.  It is bittersweet knowing summer is coming to an end, but the weekend is always lots of fun!
This year we had about 30+ people in one huge beach house.  The house was right on the beach! 

So of course the first thing we did was head down to the beach at sunset to take a pic!
 The two girls that I nanny were also there. They are the cutest girls on earth, and were a lot of fun to play at the beach with!

 Our first full day at the beach was rather cloudy so we took more pics than laying out!
 Me and my "bestie", Beth El!

Later that night we went  
If you have never done this you should! All you need are some colorful flashlights, disco music, a net, and a group of fun people! :)
Unfortunately I have no actual photos of the the hunt.  I do, however, have pics of us taking the kids down to the beach to let the crabs go free the next morning!

 Poor little crabs were so disoriented...we shouldn't have kept them overnight. :(
 After releasing the poor crabs my sis and I decided to take advantage to more photo opportunities!
Then off to the beach we went...along with the little ones!

 I promise I wasn't playing in the sand by myself...the girls were building sand castles with me...not sure what happened to them in this picture! Haha!
 I got a tad burnt after playing out in the sun all day!
 A few final photos as we prepare to leave Monday morning. :(

How did you spend your Labor Day weekend?

 ~ Elle


  1. aw looks like so much fun! looks like a gr8 time! thanks so much for sharing your pics!


  2. What a fun looking weekend!! I wish I were closer! I remember the one time we went crab hunting in MS. That was an absolute blast. I hope to visit you all again soon!