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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

and the Liebster Award goes too...

I was honored when Lauren from Enjoying The Journey nominated me for the  
Liebster Award!
(The Liebster award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.)
 I would love to carry on this lovely honor by acknowledging a few of my favorite bloggers!
The Liebster Award goes to:

If you have been awarded the Liebster Award here is what you do next:
1. Choose 5 new bloggers (less than 200 followers) to pass the award to, and link them in your post.
2. Post 5 random facts about yourself for readers to get to know you.
3. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, and then create 5 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
4. Be sure to tell them about the award!
5. No tag backs!

5 Random Facts about myself:
1. If I could live anywhere it would probably be in secluded hacienda on a hillside in Spain!
2. I love heat and summertime. I would rather be sweating bullets than cold.
3. I was born in Santiago, Chile, where my parents were missionaries. 
4. I have an odd love for sci-fi/scary movies.  All things zombies, vampires, & aliens!  Yet, I also adore musicals.  I know, it is an odd mix!
5. People don't realize how much I love the outdoors, because I love fashion and like getting all dolled up.  However, I love the outdoors, and wish I lived further in the country!

Questions from Lauren, who nominated me:
1. Favorite sports team? The Chicago Bears (I'm a fan by marriage!)
2. Why do I blog?  To get out my thoughts and feelings on the things I love, and hopefully to find others who share my passions!
3. If I could travel anywhere in the world, all expenses paid where would I go? Either Spain, Indonesia, or Chile.  Spain, because I want to see the old Spanish architecture. Indonesia, because I have had a desire to visit there since I was a teen. I love the exotic tropical feel I see in the photographs, and I would love to learn more about their culture.  And Chile, because I was born there, and want to go back.
4. Am I a homebody or a social butterfly? I would probably say 50/50. By nature I am more of a homebody, but since being married to my husband I have become pretty social. I love to go out and hang with friends, but I also need my down time away from everyone to cope and relax.
5. What do I miss most about my childhood? The uncomplicated world of a child! Not having so many decisions to make, or financial burdens to think about!
6. Where did I grow up, and would I raise my child there? I grew up in a small town of 3,000 in Missouri.  I would not want to raise my children there just for the sole fact that I have no desire to move back up to the midwest!
7. Favorite genre of music, and favorite band?  Hmm...I really listen to all sorts of music depending on my mood! I have what I call "mood stations" on Pandora so I can change with what I'm needing! 
Currently my favorite stuff to listen to is Gotye and Florence + The Machine. I love the soothing sound of their music. It makes me happy. Another favorite of mine is Blue Foundation.
8. My favorite memory from the last 5 years?  Probably the time my husband planned a surprise birthday dinner on the beach as we watched the sun set, and then laid out under the stars and talked.
9. Most serious injury?  When I was a baby I had a cherry birthmark that ballooned up or something. They had to dry ice it, and fly in special medicine from the states. (I was in Chile at the time). It was pretty severe I'm told. 
10. If my blog name was taken what would I rename it? Well, when I first started blogging I named it: If Every Day Was Summer, because I adore summer, and love summer photographs. But that was kind of long which is the only reason I changed it!
11. If I could do anything and know I would never fail?  I would move to Spain, by an old large Hacienda, and start a Christian mission for orphaned children. A place for them to be shown love, and hear of the greatest love story ever.

Questions for my Nominees:
1. What is your favorite book and why?
2. The #1 state you do NOT want to live in and why?
3. What do you believe in?
4. If you could invent something what would it be?
5. Favorite memory from the last 5 years? (stealing this one from Lauren!)

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