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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shoe Madness...Revised!

I realized I didn't specify where I found some of these styles. I also found some more affordable options! These are all reasonable in price & heel height! (I believe shoes should be practical as well as fabulous!)

So with that said...here are some new options!
JS by Jessica Baxterr Bootie - DSW - $79.95

Zigi Soho Brinx Boot - DSW - $59.95
Levity Janey Bootie - DSW - $119.95
Seychelles Biography Ankle Boot - Endless.com - $99
Wild Diva Motiz Bootie - Endless.com - $51.00
 I am so torn because I love all of them! But I am kind of leaning towards the fur trimmed one because I oh so love fur!! (faux of course!)

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  1. I like the Seychelles Biography Ankle Boot & Zigi Soho Brinx Boot!