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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Counting down the hours...till 2012

Wow, I have been seriously missing in action over Christmas and I apologize for that!  We had a great time visiting family and friends in Missouri, but it was also exhausting!  I was going back and forth every other day between my family and Justin's, meeting up with friends, getting a stomach bug, helping my sister move, and driving back down to TX with only 3 people, but still 5 dogs!  Does that not sound like a busy week?!?  :) 

So what are your plans for tonight? Me, I'm just going to hang with friends in a casual relaxing get together. After all the craziness of Christmas, I am excited to get to just chill with wonderful friends this evening!

Have a FANTASTIC New Year's Eve wherever you might be!

Now, if I was going to a New Year's Party where I needed to dress up, THIS is what I would wear! I love this look, and I'm crazy about sparkle! What better time to wear it than New Year's Eve! (You can bet I will still have something sparkly on regardless of my casual event!)
From kristenkeehnle.polyvore.com

Happy New Year's to all and keep your eye out for my 2012 resolutions tomorrow!!
~ Elle


  1. I'm LOVING the sparkly dress! So perfect for a new year celebration!

  2. I had a wonderful New Years celebration with you, even if I didn't make it to the end...lol!
    Can't wait to hear your resolutions for 2012!