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Monday, January 23, 2012

Love Letters

*sighs* I have to apologize...I am having an inspiration block.  I know you don't want to hear about how I miss my husband 24/7, but that is all I can think about.  Is he ok? Is he exhausted? Is he hating every miserable moment of it.  And then I remember I wont get to hear his voice for a month...maybe longer.  I just plain outright miss his crazy self! 

I got my first letter from him today! It was wonderful...2 full pages. In it he wrote 
"They say behind every great man is a greater woman. And I think you are pretty great (and sexy)  so that must mean I'm a great man." 
  That is Justin's usual way of being romantic.  Just to make sure he doesn't sound to gushy he will throw in some form of sarcasm or joke.  You have to understand my husband. He is a guy's guy.  He doesn't like gushy romantic sentimental stuff. He likes sports, guns, and loud music. He says what he thinks and if you don't like it tough luck.  So when he takes the time to tell me how he feels it means a lot to me.  Now he did write other more sweet things, but that is for me...not you...sorry!
They say writing letters long distance rekindles the romance and I can see why! You take the time to write things you might not normally take the time to say when you see them every day.

I was thinking of what I would do with his letters long term. Of course I will never throw a single one away! I still have ones he wrote to me when we started dating 7+ years ago! I love these ideas from Pinterest for copying love letters! What a romantic idea...!


Off to write another letter! (FYI, I forgot how long real letters take to hand write!)


  1. There is something very special about writing letters. Sometimes I kind of miss that sort of communication. Wow, a month without hearing your husband's voice --that is tough. Hold onto those lovely words. You'll get through it together.

  2. Oh this is so sweet and romantic. You will cherish this time for always (though I can only imagine how tough it is right now). Beautiful post...

  3. Aww, I hope he is making it through ok! I wasn't with mine when he went to boot camp, but deployment sucked. I found that setting myself little goals helped pre occupy me when he was gone and the blog of course!

    What a sweet husband you have to write such romantic words, mine always lets Hallmark do the talking. lol!

  4. your blog is beautiful :)


    your newest follower :)

    follow me back? XOXO

  5. Heyy Gorgeous, cute blog :)

    Newbie to blogger so if you follow me ill follow you back :P


    Much Love

  6. How incredibly romantic! You blog is beautiful and I am your newest follower! I would love to have you visit Swede Dreamer if you get the chance! Enjoy the day~Angie

    1. Thank you Angie! I love your blog as well, and am now following you back! Please come back and visit!

      ~ Elle