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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Birthday Bliss

My husband and I believe in celebrating a birthday for an entire week!  It is a tradition we have had for as long as I can remember...and I love it!  You wait a whole year for your birthday to come and then it is over in just one day.  Why not take some more time to celebrate your loved one's life!

Today is my birthday. 
I am 29...
Not sure how I feel about that. It is to close to 30, and I don't feel anywhere close to 30!
My husband keeps telling me I look great for 29, so I will just focus on that! :)
With it being my day...I would like to share that things I love with you!

A Few of My Most Favorite Things
(or rather 29 of them!)

1. My Husband...He is crazy but I love him! There is never a dull moment with him.
2. My Faith...I don't know where I would be without my faith in God.
3. My doggies...or should I say children...Zorro & Zena!
4. My Friends!
5. The color green! It is so beautiful to me
6. Lemons...I put them on almost every kind of vegetable!
7. Afternoon Sun...I love the glow, and it peeking through the trees...
8. Shadows...You know the once that dance on the walls as they come through the windows or trees?! I love watching them move with the breeze. I don't know why they captivate me so.
9. Solitude...it does a soul good.
10. Hammocks...a perfect place to take a deep breath, breath in the air, and take a nap!
11. The Ocean...how I wish I lived closer to it! The sound of the waves always get me!
12. Moulin Rouge...I love how their love survives everything.
13. Interior Design
14. Fashion
15. Halloween...who doesn't love an excuse to dress up!?
16. Haunted Houses...I must admit...I love a good scary haunted house!
17. End of the World movies...not sure what it is about these films that I love.
18. Outdoors...I could spend all my time outside if the weather permitted!
19. Balsamic Vinegar...I can't get enough of that stuff!
20. McDonald's French Fries...I know they are so unhealthy...but who cares when they taste that good!
21. Amusement Parks...love the roller coaster rush!
22. Funnel Cake...yum!
23. Flea Markets..."One man's junk is another man's treasure!"
24. Weddings! If I didn't want to be an interior designer I would want to be a wedding coordinater!
25. Rock Climbing
26. The South
27. Elephants!

28. Gardening
29. Last but not least...Sundresses!
In Texas you need anything that will keep you cool and breezy in the summer!

Hope you enjoyed my favorite things!

~ Elle


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  2. #8 Shadows....so true I love that! #18 Outdoors....if only mosquitos permitted too! :) Happy Birthday again!