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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birthday Dinner!

My husband treated me to a progressive birthday dinner and took me to eat all my favorite things!
We started with my favorite Santa Fe Spinach Dip at Cheddar's, then continued on to Cheesecake Factory for their amazing Firecracker salmon!  From their we headed over to Chili's for what I consider to be the best margarita ever...The El NiƱo.
We then took the Paradise Pie to-go, so that we could watch a movie at home.
Now I know you might be thinking these are some odd places to have all-time favorites at, but it is what it is!

Here are a few shots of my outfit (and of me being silly) before we left!
 (dress: TJ Maxx, jewelry: Forever 21)

Oh, and check out these beautiful flowers my long time friend, Mattie, over at Madelyn St. Claire sent me for my birthday!  How sweet was that?  It totally made my day!

All in all it was a lovely birthday.

~ Elle


  1. Happy Birthday Liz!!!!
    You look so great! I love that dress!
    I'm glad you had a great birthday, even if it didn't go as planned.

    Those flowers are so beautiful!! Yay! I'm very happy!!


    Love you!

    Oh and about the Zombies- I was a Zombie in the Run for your Lives 5k obstacle course. My friend Tracy and I both worked the event as zombies. We arrived at the Zombie Transformation Center at 7am in our outfits, where they transformed us into zombies. We wore old nightgowns that we bought at Goddwill. I loved mine, it was a pretty pink with lace detail, I was sad to see it ripped and stained. :( But It was so much fun, they applied blood and prostethics, and then splattered us with gooey blood. We were placed at the 2.5 mile marker where we stumbled and chased after the runners trying to take their flags. It was a blast! You can view photos by going to http://www.capstonephotostore.com/search.php?eventnum=809

    1. Ok...I am REALLY jealous right now! You got to be a zombie without me?!? I want to be a zombie in an obstacle course! How fun!!!