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Friday, February 15, 2013

My Amazing Valentine...

A year ago I spent Valentine's Day without my husband, and was an emotional mess! 
(He was away at basic training.)

This year was very different! 
It started off a little rocky since I was struggling with a migraine and feeling sick.
An hour long soak in the bathtub, listening to romantic music, Exedrin, and some prayer fixed that and I was ready to prepare for the evening! 

My husband and I have a tradition of staying in and making dinner so we don't have to deal with the crowds on Valentine's Day.  In my opinion it is so much more romantic.
So I prepared a lovely fondue meal for the two of us as well as decorated the house!

 Then my dear wonderful husband surprised me with the most beautiful orchids!

Apparently when he had the flower lady remake the arrangement in all green (my favorite color), She asked "Are you sure you don't want something more traditional like red roses?".  He said no, my wife will like these better...and he was sooo right!  I adore orchids.


He did not stop there with the gifts...
He also bought me this beautiful blue topaz and diamond necklace!

Oh, and my favorite VS perfume, Very Sexy.

 All in all it was a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Now off to do all the dishes!  :(

~ Elle

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  1. Sounds like a beautiful and wonderful night. So happy you were able to spend it with your man!