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Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Summer Social

Wow, April and May have been busy for me!
I've had so many fun little events going on that I haven't had a moment to blog!

My last blog I mentioned I was planning a summer garden party that my two bffs and I auctioned off at a charity event.  The auction item was a "garden party" for 10 guests with food, decorations, and musical entertainment provided.
Well due to the Texas heat and humidity the garden party was really out of the question. 
So instead we turned it into a 
"Summer Afternoon Social"
 Check out our handy work!

My fabulous Hydrangea arrangements...

 The Buffet Table 
(My girlfriends and I made all the food!)

The Dessert Table

After a wonderful lunch these two lovely musicians entertained us with the piano and cello.
  The Dream Event Team: Myself, Holly, and Beth El
 All in all I would say everything turned out fabulous, despite the garden party being moved indoors!

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