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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Madness

Wow...is June really over? I don't even know where it went! 
I have been so busy with events, birthdays, company, remodeling, yard work, traveling, etc! 
Thankfully through all this madness I have had some wonderful time with some very sweet (and crazy) friends!
I've been enjoying some good friend time as my dear friend, Madelyn, came for a visit!

 I'll get some better photos up this month of all the fabulous events I've been throwing!
Now that Google Followers is gone I am trying to import all my favorite blogs into bloglovin. 
(I should have done this sooner to make it easier on myself, but summer plans have kept me pretty busy!) I would love for you to follow me through Bloglovin. If you are interested here is the link!

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