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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A "Roaring" Good Time - Deleted Scenes

The long awaited bloopers from my "Roaring 20's" themed party!

Oh, real quick...a HUGE special thanks to this Gal, who was my right hand "woman" in putting this all together!! I would never have gotten it all done without her!!

 NOW for the bloopers..

(Prohibition Punch = Non-alcoholic punch)
*Please be aware: There was no alcohol in the making of these photos...
We are just naturally retarded!

Clean up time! The party is OVER!

~ Elle 


  1. I love the bloopers! So funny! It was such a well decorated and themed party. I'm sad I wasn't in a better party mood that night to be able to fully enjoy it.

    1. Thanks! I thought they were to funny not to share! I'm glad you loved the decorations! I am in the same boat as you though...I was having a hard time getting in the "party mood" that evening as well!
      We will make up for it on our Oscars night!! ;)

      ~ Elle