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Thursday, August 29, 2013

An Italian Villa Retreat

I've recently had the urge to redo my guest room. It has always been this glam purple and silver theme, which if you know me, it isn't me at all. I only chose it because I wanted something girly I hadn't done before. But lately I am realizing that it doesn't suit me, or the style of my house. 
This urge really came over me when I came across this photo on pinterest...
 I had a hard time explaining the exact makeover style to my friends, as well as finding any other photographs like it. That is, until I realized it reminded me of an Italian villa, and based my search off that!  So I am labeling the room makeover "Villa Retreat".

While researching villa styles I came across this breathtaking villa and absolutely felt inspired to share this amazing place with you.

Col delle Noci is a renovated 17th century farmhouse located on the beautiful Umbrian countryside in Italy.
 Noci sits on Castello di Reschio, a very private 2,700 acre estate that borders Tuscany.
Noci consists of two buildings: The main house, and a self-contained guest annex.  The terraces, gardens, and pool allow you to take in the stunning views of the entire Reschio estate and nature reserve.
 I adore the bed frame below and am wondering where I could find something similar!
 I love the exposed wooden beams in these rooms.
 The master bedroom has it's own bathroom, fireplace, study,  and access to the garden.
 I am in love with the light breezy, yet vintage countryside charm of this room.
 Wooden shutters are really a must to complete this Italian countryside look.
 Old worn wood, wrought iron elements, and tile floors seem to be other staples in this look.
 The photograph below of the main living area is just call to me saying, "Come home"!
 I can picture myself standing here chopping fresh herbs from my garden right outside those double doors. Listening to my children's laughter outside the open doors as the breeze floats in. My husband napping on the sofa, or lounging in the pool after a hard day of work...oh that would be the life!
 And then once the children are to bed, lounging out on this beautiful terrace, sipping on wine, enjoying the view with my wonderful husband. *sighs* 
Hey, I can dream right??

So what do you think? Does this sound like a good style/theme to base a guest room off of?
I hope you approve because I am starting the redecorating immediately! Hopefully I will have some photographs to share in the near future!

~ Elle

*All photographs are from http://www.italianvillas.com/villa.aspx?villa=111492. I do not claim ownership to any of them. Please visit Italianvillas.com for more information on this lovely villa.


  1. What a gorgeous villa! I can see why you are inspired by this style. The top photo is really lovely, too. I'm sure any guest would love to stay in such a pretty room.

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