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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Weekend Wishes

This is the first weekend in a long time in which I have been home and nothing planned!
I am taking advantage of it and painting my guest bedroom. I love productive Saturday mornings at home! They make me feel energized and content!

I thought I would share some photos I took a few weekends ago when my mom was visiting. My sister and I took her to a state park nearby that has a swampy lake full of alligators!
 We went around sunset so it was really beautiful the way the sun was setting through all the trees.
There were lily pads blooming everywhere!
 Below is my sis, Jenn, with her husband who joined us on the walk.
 The path along the lake was peaceful.
 That is my husband below, keeping an eye out for alligators! He never misses them!
 Check out this one! He wouldn't budge!
 This spotted this one before he popped his head above water, because we saw the lily pads moving as he walked along the bottom of the lake!
 Here is my husband again...looking for more alligators!
 I loved all the spanish moss hanging from the trees. It looked so cool.
 My sis again, catching her breath for a photo opportunity! You should check out her blog, Contemporary Harbor!
 And here I am attempting to get the last bit of rays from the sunset...however, the sun was quickly fading.

I hope your weekend is an enjoyable one, whether you are just relaxing, or keeping busy!

~ Elle


  1. Looks like a lovely weekend!

  2. The golden light in these photos is so beautiful! I love the hanging moss and lilies. I must say, I would have a hard time relaxing while hiking in a park full of alligators!

    1. The alligators usually hide in the water the moment we get near them so they don't scare me to bad. What does worry me is that my husband tries to grab them by the tail if they are close enough to the edge! One of these days he is going to lose an arm!!

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous!! A very pretty blog post!