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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bohemian Romance

 I came across Free People's bohemian lookbook this afternoon and felt inspired to share it.
While I generally do not dress with this much bohemian influence, I do enjoy touches of bohemian flare here and there.
I really liked a lot of things about the looks in these photographs taken by Guy Aroch.

To start with, I just love Hungarian model, Eniko Mihalik's hair here. I wish I could get my hair to look like that!
 Second, I am loving these hats! I am so glad to see that wide brimmed hats are still in this season.
Oh, and I am in LOVE with that wool looking wrap in the right photograph below.
 This shaw is fabulous! I would love to have this wrap to just lounge around my house in!
 I also love these pheasant dresses with the flat grungy boots. Not to mention I love the blue wrap in the right photograph.

What about you? Are you into these bohemian looks?
 ~ Elle

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  1. These are awesome! Very cool styling. The first pic looks like a young Michelle Pfeifer kind of...