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Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Night at the Oscars

It has been a while since I have had a themed girl's night, so I felt the need to start March off right! 
I thought, "Why not have an Oscar's theme night?!?"
Take a look and tell me how you think I did!

All my VIP guests had a red carpet entrance!

As they arrived I had a guest book waiting for them to sign with little miniature Oscars!
Oh...and our butler (Mr. Equis) was also waiting to great the guests!


Mr. Equis was nice enough to serve our drinks for the evening!

(FYI: found this guy at a garage sale and cut out the Dos Equis from his hand and replaced it with a cocktail!) 

 I made little gold drink tags so that guests could pick the tag that represented them (ie: best song, best director, best actress, most likely to trip, best dressed, etc)

  An Oscars night wouldn't be complete without photos on the red carpet!


 Beth El and I accept our Oscars for "Best Song" and "Best Hostess"!
We would like to thank the Academy!

And of course I had to make Oscar Bingo cards for all the guests to entertain us as we view the Academy Awards!

 I would say the evening was a success and a lot of fun!

~ Elle