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Friday, April 4, 2014

Free People for a Free Spirit

 Let's be honest...as much as I love fashion I do not have the wallet for high end brands and designers. 
I grew up an MK(missionary kid), and we did not have great wealth. I still don't.
While my husband and I have a wonderful home, full of style, comforts and conveniences; I can not bring myself waste money on big labels. 
Therefore, over the years I have learned how to style myself and my home on a discount store budget! I am not ashamed of that fact.
I love when someone asks me where I got something, expecting it to be pricy, and I shock them. 
That being said...I can still look, appreciate, and get inspired by big labels.
One store I specifically love the style of is

Just looking at their photographs and lookbooks make me happy! 
I am a free spirit at heart. I would be perfectly happy living in the country, soaking up sun in the fields, and running around barefoot! (I actually do the latter even though I don't live in the country!)

While I love their soft flowy and floral dresses, I also love Free People's ethnic looks.

Here in Texas it is pretty much to hot and humid to wear anything tight and restricting, so I prefer to wear pretty much all dresses in the summer. 
I have a few go-to discount stores that have great dress options! With the heat coming I am going to need to go scavenging! :)
~ Elle

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  1. LOVE these pics! I agree, I can't bring myself to pay the big bucks for designer labels but they are still fun to look at! I love the 4th and last pics the best!