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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Obsessed with Origami

I'm obsessed....
Obsessed with Origami Owl Custom Jewelry that is!
How did this obsession start? 
I came across this booth one day and took a brochure. Soon after my mother-in-law bought me a beautiful "living locket". The ownership of this locket is what did me in!

The thing about this jewelry that makes it so unique is how customizable it is. 
To be honest....it's just fun!
You know how when you get new makeup and you want to try it out and play around with different colors? Well that is what it is like playing around with these charms. I change me locket themes several times a week! 
Here are some of my favorite looks:
Sail Away with your own Origami Owl locket!



 As you see, there are many many things you can do to make these lockets uniquely yours!
To see all the charms available go to: http://lizmeyers.origamiowl.com
If you were to create a locket to represent you, what charms would you use?
I'd love to hear!
~ Elle


  1. Oh I love the silver dog tags, so cool! And it is so great that you can customize it. I can see why you like them.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC