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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend Bliss

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend hanging out with friends and soaking up sun!

This weekend my longtime friend, Kristen, came to visit! It has been a while since we have gotten to really hang out like old times! 

On Saturday we took her out to karaoke!

Sunday, after church, we took Kristen downtown to Majorca Bistro & Tapas Bar in Midtown for their Sunday Brunch! They had a live salsa band and great food! 

After eating we took a stroll through Sam Houston Park...which turned into more of a photo shoot! 
Evidence of our photo shoot below!

There was this lovely fountain that we had to take advantage of...

And beautiful huge trees to climb...

This park had such an interesting mix of historical buildings with modern backdrops!

The girls were trying to sneak a peek inside this old  church...

Of course I had to take advantage of this charming location for pictures!

I want a house with a porch like this someday!  Love the old southern charm of this porch.

Reenacting  the "Spirit of the Confederacy" statuesque pose!

 After our long stroll through the park we were in desperate need of water, ice cream, and makeup reapplication!  So off to Swirl we went for all three! :) 

After recovering from our heat exhaustion, we headed BACK OUT into the heat to Miller Outdoor Theater for a free concert on their lawn!  Smart, right?

 We had some issues with the wine cork getting stuck down in the bottle, and my dear sister pushed it through while I was peering over the bottle....needless to say wine came splashing up in my eye and face!  Wasn't that so nice of them to get it on camera?

 So all in all I had a wonderfully, busy, crazy weekend full of fun times and good memories with friends!!!  How was your weekend?

~ Elle

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  1. Loved this day! Had LOTS of fun!! Sorry about the wine!! :/ Just trying to make sure you could uh...hydrate yourself! :p