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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pinteresting Word of the Week

So I have decided to do a new weekly post called 
Pinteresting Word of the Week.
Here is how it works: Each week I will do a word search on Pinterest and post my top 10 favorite Pinterest photos that come up with that word.  I find it interesting to see what comes up when you do a search, and how people label their photos!

Today's word? 

 1.  I chose this photo because it is me most the summer! Sitting on my patio in my bathing suit, hair in a bun, sun bathing while reading or playing on my iphone, sipping on a nice cool drink!

 2.  I love making fresh lemonade or sun tea during the summer!

 3. This one just cracked me up! Imagine taking a nice stroll along the beach when "bam", a coconut hits you on the head!

4.  This makes me miss the good ole days when we used to print our photos! When was the last time you developed your photos? I know it has been a LONG time for me!

5.  Memories with Friends! Need a say more? 

6.  This actually sounds really good and easy! I think I will have to try making it!

7. I LOVE the way the sun reflects off water and dances across the waves! I could watch it all day! 

8. This is where I want to be with my hubby right now! On a beach somewhere with no worries!

9.  Road trip anyone? Where should we go?

10.  Ok...I know she's a model and its unrealistic, but I want my body to look like hers this summer!


  1. I love your blog it always makes me feel so peaceful and relaxed. This post is getting me really excited for my holiday. And number 10 tell me about it people are always like to me well they're models and I'm always like well I don't care their body is my motivation to loose weight

    1. So glad to know my blog feels peaceful and relaxing as that is exactly what I want to give to my readers!!
      I hope you have fun on your holiday! Where will you be going?

      ~ Elle

  2. ah lovely photos! my fave is the 1,2,5 and 10. her body is amazing! x

  3. Yay for summer! Beautiful pics... :)

  4. these all look like heaven. thank goodness summer is finally heeeere.