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Monday, October 31, 2011

Face Painting Fun!

Phew! What a weekend! I'm exhausted! 
However I did have a fun weekend despite the fact I didn't get to have a costume party!  Instead I helped out at a fall festival and was in charge of the face painting booth! It was so much fun! 
Check out my fabulous artwork!

Originally I planned on putting on some fairy wings and costume to match the face paint...but then a cold front came through! Thanks to my furry vest I was able to keep warm!
Of course I had to paint Sami's face to match (Sami is the 3 yr old I nanny! Isn't she cute??)
 My silly husband decided to drive all the way to the festival in his mask! I'm surprised we didn't get pulled over! I think he was supposed to be a dead pirate. I terrified the poor little kids!
Sami attempting to try on Justin's mask!
And here is a pic of my face painting on the way to the event before it got all smudged!

I wish I could have gotten more photos of the Festival, but I was stuck behind a booth all night, so this is all I have to show you!


  1. I love your face painting! Very cool!!!

  2. I love your face painting. I wish I was artsy like that.


  3. Thank you! I loved seeing all the kids reactions to the face paint!