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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Poncho Perfection

I am so glad to see ponchos and capes are back full force this season! I fell in love with them last year and was worried they might not be as big this year. I adore them. They are so stylish and can be dressed up or down!  There are so many ways to wear this look! It doesn't matter what your style: boho, chic, grunge, tomboy, etc...there is a poncho out there for every style!

I especially love capes with hoods...and even more if they have a little of fur trimmings!


  1. Love these photos! I like cape like pochos, where the front is open so like a sweater/pocho thing. :) That was very well described huh?! :)

  2. love ponchos, always so cosy :)


  3. Any idea where to buy the third from the end - the layered furry poncho? I've looked everywhere!