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Monday, October 10, 2011

A Night of Enchanted Fairytales!

Wow! What a busy weekend I had! My little sis, Jenn, came for a visit this weekend and we did so much!  Friday we picked her up from the airport, and ran straight to 'Nightmare on the Bayou'! (Rated one of the top 13 scariest haunted houses in the US!) My older sis, Christie, and I love haunted houses, so Jenn agreed to come for the ride! She was such a good sport! To see pics of our fabulous Nightmare on the Bayou adventure visit Jenn's Blog, Contemporary Harbor, and scroll to the bottom of that post.

The next evening I hosted a small Girl's Night of Enchanted Fairytales! Everyone was encouraged to dress in some sort of fairytale apparel. Of course, I had to decorate my walkway like a scary old castle! I had cobwebs, spiders, fog, and skulls!

We love reenactment photos! My older sister is little red riding hood, and my friend in black is the evil queen in Snow White!
 (Did you notice the spider hanging over their heads?)
I've have always wanted to dress up as a green fairy, and I finally got my chance!
(Sorry for the blurriness, the fog was making it hard for the camera to focus!)
 Of course, I needed a Poison Apple Punch for the event! (Dry ice made it smoke!)
 My lovely enchanted gold pumpkins, crystal cups, candle pillars, and gold stemmed glasses all surrounded the punch to give an enchanted feel.
 I had so much sparkle on my face, hair, clothes...there are sparkles all over my house now!
 Jenn provided the costumes, wings, & wands! Thanks Jenn!
 And here we all are about to watch the wonderfully hilarious movie Enchanted!

I have to admit I love a themed party! Especially if it is a costume event! I am such a kid at heart and love dressing up! I don't think you are ever to old to dress up for Halloween!


  1. We look fabulous! Loved that party!! Thanks for hosting and for the awesome punch, loved the dry ice effect!

  2. Oh my goodness!! Too cute! Liz- your house looked amazing, and you are absolutely gorgeous!! Everything looked FairyTale Perfect!

  3. You did a great job!! The buffet looks incredible!! xox

  4. This is so cute - I love Halloween parties and it looks like you did such a great job!


  5. I wanted to re-use my wings from being Tinkerbell for Halloween this year and thought about being just a fairy or something like you were...love it! Hmmm...either Tinkerbell again or a fairy! :)

    Liesl :)

  6. I love fairy costumes because you can go so many different ways with them! Tinkerbell, cute fairy, bad fairy, etc!
    I've always wanted to dress up as the Green Fairy from Moulin Rouge and carry around an empty bottle of Absinthe, with the green high heels!