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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kitchen Makeover

So I promised pictures of my kitchen renovation a few days back and here they are!
As you can see from the picture below the kitchen was quite dated. Outdated cabinets, hardware, light fixtures, etc. I desperately needed a quick fix since I can't afford to renovate the whole kitchen right now!

 This kitchen was a nightmare!  At first we thought we could just paint over this dated mustard color....only to find out that there was a layer of wallpaper, drywall mud, and another layer of wallpaper underneath!  It turned into a stripping wallpaper nightmare!

Justin attempted to repair the walls after the wallpaper was removed...only to decide they were to bad to save. So yes, a day and a half wasted stripping wallpaper only to decide to rip out all the drywall!  That was not a fun week!

Preparing to paint the cabinets...

 Can I just say I have a fabulous mother-in-law, who worked her booty off painting these cabinets!

 The cabinets were painted a cream, and glazed to give a tea stained effect, to play up the older style of the cabinets. We also updated the hardware to give a more contemporary feel.


 We chose Sherwin Williams "Heart of Palm" green for the kitchen. I love green and white kitchens, and the fresh clean vibe they give.

(The green in photo below appears more lime than actual color.)

 A new fridge and pantry door helped update the space. (The old pantry door matched the wood cabinets)

The End Result: What do you think? An improvement?

Here is the before photo of the breakfast room...

 The first thing we did was rip out the built in...and you can see all the old trim was dark brown.

 The breakfast room was the same wallpaper removal process as the kitchen...as you can see below it was quite a mess!  The nook in the wall is what seems to be a closed in window. We plan on putting in a double window there in the future.

 Justin added crown throughout the kitchen and breakfast room which makes it look so much better!

I must say, I thoroughly enjoy chilling in my calming tropical breakfast room in the morning sipping my coffee, and enjoying the view outside! It is quite soothing!

~ Elle


  1. Love the new and improved areas! The white trim, light paint, and lighter cabinets really brighten the area and make it feel more open! Good job thinking everything through no matter how many different greens we had to test out! :)

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