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Monday, February 6, 2012

Painting Anyone?

Whew! I am finally taking a break from all the painting in my house!  I need a break in order to get some of my sanity back! I still have lots of trim to paint before Justin comes back home for Basic Training, but I still have a few months. Thank goodness! I don't want to see another paintbrush for a month!  This week I will finally get all my photos up of the stuff I've been working on.  I hope this helps explain why I haven't been as present lately!

Today the focus will be my front entry and dining room!


BEFORE: Cranberry textured walls (This photo makes the previous color look much nicer than it actually was! The closet door was originally brown and my husband replaced it with a white door.)

1st step: Mud walls to lessen the texture.

2nd Step: My mother-in-law started working her magic by layering gold & silver foil on the walls!

3rd Step: Venetian plaster overlay troweled on.

 4th Step: You can't see it very well but there are crystals on my wall! It is beautiful when the sunlight comes in! I feel like I am in a fairytale!

The Outcome: A beautiful sparkling entryway!


BEFORE: (previous owner's furnishings.)

Outdated yellow walls

Transformed into: My West Indies Dining Room!

This is a faux leather technique with a metallic palm stencil that my mother-in-law picked out a year ago with me in mind!  It was exactly what I had been wanting in my dining room!

I can't believe how well the walls match my chairs!

The stencil stops halfway because we are going to do a chair rail and window box paneling when my husband gets back from basic training!

 The kitchen & bathroom photos coming soon...



  1. Love the new updated rooms! MUCH better than before! I can't wait to see the chair rails in the dining room!

  2. Simply stunning! Hats off to you and your mother-in-law.

  3. What beautiful ways to make that home uniquely yours!! Love it!
    Jennifer Bowman

  4. You are sooo talented!!!


  5. Gorgeous!!! You most definitely have the 'eye.'


  6. Wow! These are HUGE projects! Way to go girl. Both rooms look amazing!