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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

Rain, rain go away...come again another day!
It has been raining non-stop in Houston for over a week now. And when I say rain I mean torrential downpours!  There for I've decided to make 
my pinterested word of the week!
Quite fitting considering I haven't seen the sun for more than 30 minutes for days now!
Here are my top 10 favorite pics on Pinterest that come up for Rain!

1. This is a great scene, and a funny movie!

 2. This is such a great quote...
Sometimes we need a few tough times to see the beauty in what we have.

3. Well I do love sunshine, and find joy in it. 
But I do have to admit I have never danced in the rain either...maybe I should give it a try!

 4. Obviously they are finding pure happiness dancing in the rain!

5. Does anyone else love the sound of rain or is it just me? 
I love to sit out on my patio and just listen to it. That is what I did today!

6.  I can't really explain why, but I love this photo. The colors of the water, the feeling of a peaceful calm mixed with rain drops and a little darkness...something that just grabs me.

7. Now this is the kind of porch I really want to be sitting on while enjoying the rain! 
The view is wonderful!

 8. Why do I never look this cute while walking to my car in the rain??

9. This pic is so cute!  This little guy reminds me of my little toad friends in my back garden!  After the rain I hear them chirping away!  I hope they are able to find shelter to stay dry under too!

 10. Despite all these beautiful pictures,  I still yearn for the sun after the storm....

I hope you see the sunshine at the end of every storm in life!
~ Elle

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  1. I love all of these! Especially the first one though! It is my favorite movie (=