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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wonderful Weekend Getaway ~ Part 1

This past weekend my husband and I were able to get away with a couple of friends. 
It was a much needed vacation...although we did not do much relaxing!  I will explain why later.

Our little weekend trip started in San Antonio with margaritas on the Riverwalk!

We then proceeded to a friends house were we had a FANTASTIC homemade dinner!
Come morning we scurried up to Canyon Lake, TX where we rented a boat for the afternoon!
It was such a blast! Tubing, skiing, wipeouts, sunburns, etc!
Here are some photos of our afternoon.

Canyon Lake Marina

Here we are ready for a day full of water fun!

Look at the water in this lake!!

My crazy husband is like a little kid in water! It is the only time I ever catch his true smile!

And it was his first time water skiing!  He did really well.

 Take a look at those muscles!  :)   I'm a little partial!

 Ok...he is not going to be happy I am showing you all this one, but I had too...!  Hehehe

My friend Beth El was a natural at water skiing!

 Soaking up some sun on the boat!

 Haha....there was nothing funnier than watching my husband bob around on that tube!

 This is our exhausted/dead look after being on the boat all afternoon!  Beautiful, huh?  :)

 More photos to follow tomorrow!

~ Elle

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