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Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Friday! But can I really say Hello Happy?

Phew! What a week!  I apologize for not posting much this week.  It has been a little crazy with my 1st home buying process! We are closing a week early...this Monday! So much to do...

This photo pretty much sums up how I feel at the moment!
So my plans for the weekend? Here they go!

Friday night: 
Packing. Ugh...I think I am going to go crazy if I see any more brown boxes! Why can't moving boxes be bright beautiful motivational colors!? 

Saturday afternoon:
Final Walk through! Hallelujah!  Would you like to see my inspiration boards for a few of my rooms?! They are still a work in progress!

1. Living room Inspiration: I love white living rooms with a mixture of old and new elements!
 Originally I had thought about going more tropical in my living room but I think the natural wooden beams in the new home call for the first look!

2. West Indies Dining Room: I am either going to follow a palm or pineapple motif theme about the room and in my dishes but I haven't decided which yet. I am leaning towards pineapple.

3. Southeast Asian/Indonesian Influenced Master Bedroom: My husband made me the most gorgeous bamboo bed to go with this theme. Most Indonesian influenced rooms tend to have spice oranges and red accents, but I love the calming feel of the greens and blues. Makes me think of the palm trees and beautiful ocean.
And here is the bed my wonderful husband made me! Isn't it beautiful?!

And Sunday it is back to packing and prepping for the big close on Monday!

You can view all my Inspiration Boards @ Olioboard!


  1. It's going to be soooo worth it when you're done! and that bed is gorgeous!

  2. Thank you Sylvia! I can't wait to get in and start working on the house!

  3. Your hubby made the bed!! Wow! He is super talented - mine can't even put a flat pack from Ikea together!! lol.