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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Renovation Madness

Phew....We are finally moved into the new house!! Halleluah! I thought it would never happen. The last two weeks have passed in such a blur I don't even know what day it is anymore!

 Here are some pics of the new house!
 The previous owners were major LSU fans...we plan on painting the purple asap!
 I love the covered patio area! I plan on putting some nice comfy outdoor seating here!
 That bench below is going to get replaced with a lovely hammock!
The moment we walked into that door the demolition began!
 Left: listing photo, Right: Justin & Corey ripping the built-in out as soon as we walk in the door!
 Left: listing photo, Right: The kitchen after the built-in has been ripped out!

We thought we could just paint the kitchen...but unfortunately it was latex paint over wallpaper! You have to use an oil base to paint over wallpaper!  Oh and it gets WORST!  I started stripping the painted wallpaper only to find out that there was a layer of mud and more wallpaper under the top layer of paint and wallpaper!  Seriously!?!?  After spending a whole day stripping wallpaper, my husband and I decide to just remove the drywall and start from scratch!  (Now, normally I would be mad that I wasted a whole day removing wallpaper, but I still had another days worth to do!)

Now my poor husband is stuck floating drywall and mudding...something he HATES to do!

The kitchen before we got our hands on it...
...and the kitchen in its current state!
(Please help me decide...should I keep the cabinets natural or paint white? I'm so torn!)

The living room, which we thought would take 2 days, took a whole week to paint! We painted the walls, trim, fireplace, and ceiling! And let me tell you it takes a lot of time to edge around all those beams! But we finally got it done! 

I had a lot of opposition in my decision to paint the living room off white.  I am glad I stuck with my decision! I chose Creamy White Behr paint and I love it! It is exactly the warm white I was going for! (FYI, you would be amazed how difficult it is to pick out the RIGHT white!)

Here I am loosing my mind amongst all the whites and creams!
There is still SO MUCH to do, but at least we aren't running back and forth between houses anymore! 


  1. (!)Its absolutely beautiful Liz! I didn't expect anything less!
    Let me know when I can come down and see you all!

    I miss you all terribly!

  2. Looking so great!! I think painting the cabinets will make the kitchen much larger feeling and let more of the natural light reflect! You guys are doing so much! can't wait to see it in person...

  3. This is so exciting! I can feel the anticipation in your writing...Can't wait to see the finished product! I'm sure you feel the same way!!!

    And p.s. The kitchen cabinets would look adorable white although if you're going for a lighter wall color, the contrasting dark wood of the cabinets could be cute too.

  4. wow, so exciting! i think you should paint the cabinets white, it'll look much brighter :)

  5. So proud of you guys!!!!! You're working so hard. Can't wait to come down & help you :)

  6. Loving the progress! All this hard work will pay off! I'm enjoying the house even tough I whine a little about all the work! :) I'm the youngest after all...

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