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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Laziness

I hope ya’ll are having a wonderfully lazy Labor Day!  
I am definitely enjoying my beach house rental, and chilling on the beach!
Last night we went “Disco” Crab Hunting! I’m sure you are asking the same thing I was....”What is disco crab hunting?”.   Well I am here to inform you! It is where you run around in the dark swinging your flashlights like disco lights, dancing and singing to disco music!  Now you would think you wouldn’t catch any crabs with all that chaos....you are WRONG!  We caught 7 large crabs! It was the most hilarious thing I’ve ever watched! I wanted to take pics and video of this event but I was instructed not to bring my camera. :(  So sadly I have no photos of Disco crabbing, but I will share some of my beach pics with you!

The view from our beach house deck early in the morning!

 My first evening at the beach with the sun setting behind me!

Taking a profile sunset picture with little 2 yr old Madi.

 Our first day on the beach...I so love playing on the beach with Madi! I promise we were having fun, but she is a little camera shy!

Beach time with my fabulous friend, Beth El!

Hope you have a Happy Labor Day Weekend as well!!


  1. Haha! Disco crab hunting!! That sounds like a blast!
    Your vacation beach house looks wonderful- you wanna know where I am? in my living, in my apartment in St. Louis... BOO!! : )
    I hope it warms up enough today put my suit on and lay out... *crosses fingers*

    Love you, and your beautiful beach bod!!!

  2. Looks amazing! Wish we could be together this labor day! Miss you! Love you!