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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Visually Stimulating Art

 While browsing the internet the other day I accidentally stumbled across an artist named Marcia Baldwin, and completely fell in love with her work! Her paintings are so vibrant they take my breath away! I would LOVE to have one of Marcia's paintings hanging in my home someday!

Here are just a few examples of her vibrant work!

  Click here to view the rest of Marcia's beautiful work!
From the Artist:
" For myself, I love oil painting. I love animals and flowers and nature itself. I believe that I was given a talent by God to share His beauty about the world through the use of paint and canvas. I try to relate the love of nature and His Blessings through my art. I hope that the collectors of my work can be touched in some way to 'stop and smell the roses' for a moment and reflect on the joy and beauty that has been given to us each day.

I live in a very beautiful state, working and living on the shores of a lake surrounded by huge tall pine trees and stately southern live oaks. Nature is bountiful. Foxes play and romp across my front lawn. Squirrels and birds hop from one feeder to the next. Wildflowers and flowering trees such as redbuds and dogwood are a blanket of beauty through undergrowth among the trees. It is truly a blessing that I have been given this time to work in my art studio and be surrounded with this serenity.

I hope that the passion I have for art and the passion I have to share natures beauty is reflected in my work. " 
~Marcia Baldwin

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  1. That 3rd picture of the bird is amazing, the beak scares me a bit but the feathers are painted just beautifully! I also love the seashells! Kudos for finding such an amazing artists! I will definitely check otu more of her work!