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Friday, September 16, 2011

Married to the Military

As of yesterday I officially became a military wife! My husband signed up for the Army National Guard.  I am so proud of him for doing what he feels is his duty, but it doesn't make it easy. Next spring he will be leaving for 6 months of training! That is scary considering we have never been away from each other longer than a couple of weeks!

I can't imagine how hard it will be to say goodbye to him for such a long time...

This is a such a great prayer/quote that I think I will memorize it!

 An adorable vintage photo of a couple reunited!

I've always loved the military fashion trend so here are some fabulous examples of that look!

I just LOVE thier boots!

I actually have an olive military hat like this.

I know the military trend was last year, but I still plan on bringing out some of those pieces this fall!


  1. Oh Liz! That is some news! I hope you find your strength as a military wife (if you haven't already). You know how I feel about that, I am very thankful for the time I had with my 'then' military man... the reward that you have been waiting for out weighs all the stress and hardship. Just stay positive and grow as an anchor, a wife and best friend. xoxo

  2. Thanks Mattie. I have a complete peace about this. I know he is being led to do this and I need to stand by him and support him through this.

  3. I love vintage military photos. They are so romantic! You should recreate some!! The military style is also awesome!! Glad Justin is finally able to do this!