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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Coastal Living

Two more days until Labor Day weekend! I am so excited because I am renting a beach house with my friends!  I can't wait to relax and soak up the sun!
I wonder what the beach house will look like. I'm definitely not expecting it to look like any of these fabulous spaces below, but I can dream...!

A well decorated Beach House needs to feel calm and soothing. You want to feel like you are outside, even if you never set foot on the beach! 

Fabulous Master Bedrooms...

Of course the kids need fabulous spaces as well...
Doesn't this make you want to own your own beach house?


  1. LOVE this house! Where did you find it?! I want to rent that place!! :) Hope you have fun!

  2. Thank you for stopping by Mary&Dyer!! I went to Italy for 1.5 weeks... my favorite place to go was definitely Rome and Cinque Terre (that's like a beach with these little villages and Italian houses, so quaint and adorable!).

    This beach house is soooo beautiful! I have always dreamt of owning one... we shall see, maybe someday ;) Have a fabulous weekend at the beach!

    XO, Danielle

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  4. Gorgeous! I could live in any of those rooms! You should definately check out Houzz.com if you haven't already. You can collect so many great images of rooms from tons of different styles!

  5. I love Houzz.com! When I'm needing to rethink a space and get some good professional designer ideas I go to Houzz. Another great website I've recently started using thanks to my sis, is Pinterest.com!

  6. Soo... Does the Beach house look like this?!?! I'm sure it does- you have the best taste in design.


  7. Sadly it did not look like this, Mattie! But the view and proximity to the beach definitely made up for the lacking decor!! :)